Mini Cloakroom Renovation - with The Colour Flooring Company

We moved to our quirky 60s house around four years ago and have gradually been working our way around the home, renovating it ourselves. The running theme of our home is white with pops of yellow, like our studio door, front door and various pieces of furniture.

As this white and yellow theme has been providing some continuity throughout our home, we felt we wanted to also introduce some yellow into the downstairs cloakroom. I scoured the internet for some yellow flooring and came across The Colour Flooring Company. I requested a sample of the Springfield Yellow rubber flooring and when it arrived, it was the perfect match and our favourite yellow! 

Our decision had been made and we were 100% set on adding this flooring to our little cloakroom (and later in our larger upstairs bathroom yet to be gutted!).

Below is a photo of how the room looked initially - old painted wooden floor boards that looked ok but weren't practical for stepping in and out of a shower.


In order to lay the new rubber flooring, we needed to prepare the floor properly to make it absolutely flat. We added sheets of waterproof ply.We then made a template as we had several fiddly bits to go around (shower tray, toilet and basin cabinet). We chose to use strong paper carpet underlay paper which we bought locally on the roll for £1 a metre. This seemed the cheapest method and worked really well.

Once we were satisfied that our paper template was the correct size, we placed the template on top of the rubber floor and thoroughly taped it down with masking tape so it didn't creep.(* I must add here that prior to this, we unrolled the rubber flooring on the deck 24 hours before cutting as the rubber needs to adjust to the moisture in the air and it also relaxes the flooring so that it's flat. We then traced around it with a soft pencil before we carefully cut around it with a concave Sweeney Todd trimming knife blade.

We then chose to use double sided tape around the edges of the ply to fix the rubber flooring. This method is preferable to using an adhesive when the floor area is so small.We also found a tube of yellow silicone for around the edges.


We're absolutely thrilled with the result  - it's lovely to walk on, we adore the colour (it makes us feel happy every time we have a shower) and it's super easy to clean. I shall be adding another blog post and photos of our upstairs bathroom once we've finished it!

You can visit The Colour Flooring Website here. 

*This flooring as been gifted to us in exchange for sharing this flooring on my blog and social media. All words and opinions are my own.